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Assessments and Pool Tags:


Where do I send my dues?


    P.O. Box 429

    Berea, OH 44017  


When are assessments due?

     Dues are for the period beginning March 31st of the current year to March 30th of the next year.  Homeowner assessment 

     payments  are due March 31st.


What happens when I buy or sell my home during the year?

     The escrow agent is responsible for settling amounts due from/to the buyer/seller during the 

     closing process/paperwork. The association merely signs off as to whether the home is current 

     with all assessments current and prior. Unpaid assessments will hold up the closing of the sale 

     until paid.                                                                       

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I lost my assessment form. What do I do?

     Please mail the dues to the PO box and list out the names of all members living at the address

     and their ages. Also please list the address of the property if not the same as the address on the

     check or money order. To download an assessment form, select assessment form

     To download a pool tag activation form, select pool tag activation questionnaire


How much are dues?

      Dues are subject to change. The late January or early February mailing announcing the annual 

      meeting will list the dues for the current year.

1. the base dues are $425

2. grandchildren pool tags are free, but the grandchildren must be listed 

    on the assessment form

3. assessments paid after May 1st  will be assessed a $50 late penalty 

4. assessments and past due amounts not paid by June 1st  will be delinquent: 

           - these accounts will be submitted to collections 

           - cost of collection and attorney fees will be assumed by the homeowner


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If I’m late paying my dues, can I expedite the process of getting my tags?

     No. The association’s expenses are over $100,000 annually and they are concentrated over the 

     early spring and summer months. The association needs dues paid on time by everyone to 

     operate in a fiscally responsible fashion.   

     If dues are paid after April 15th, it will require 7 days to process pool tags. 

      Note delays in receiving your tags are easily avoided by timely payment of dues.


If dues are late, does it help to drop off my check and/or pick up the tags?

      No. Per policy, the dues must be mailed to the PO box and the proper procedures must be followed. 



How much are guest tickets?

      Guest tickets are $ 5 each.

      If purchased 5 tickets at a time, the price is $ 20.


Who needs a guest ticket?

      Anyone who does not reside in LB who lives within 50 miles of Berea (and does not have a 

      grandchild pool tag) must have a guest ticket and the homeowner must be present and sign

      in the guest.  Guests who live more than 50 miles from Berea must be signed in by 

      homeowner when entering pool area but do NOT need a guest ticket.                                    

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If I have a treasury or finance question, whom do I contact?

   Contact the LBHOA treasurer. This can be done by:

                1. attending an association monthly meeting or

                2. sending the inquiry to:    LBHOA

                                                              P.O. Box 429

                                                              Berea, OH   44017



Does late or non-payment of dues affect my credit rating?

       In response to requests from timely paying members, the Board has arranged for

      the following to collect all dues:

              1.     delinquent assessments, current and past, are sent to collection agency 

              2.      legal means including a small claims court filing

              3.      reporting to the three major credit bureaus

              4.      other steps as deemed necessary

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Do the pool Managers, Assistant Managers, or guards get involved in setting pool policies?

      No.  Please do not address the Managers or guards with issues in this area. Rather please contact

      the appropriate Board  member. The current Board is (Phone numbers & email addresses):


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How do I get a permit to change the appearance of my house, add an addition, 

other structure, or build a fence?  
      All residents of Longbrooke should be aware of the LONGBROOKE HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION

      RECORDED DEED RESTRICTIONS and should have a copy of them.    Section E addresses buildings or

      structures to be placed or erected on any sublot in the neighborhood. 
      You must submit your plan to the Architectural Committee and the architectural committee must

      approve your proposal BEFORE you apply for a building permit from the City of Berea Building Department.

      The city building department is aware that the plans must be approved by the committee first before they

       will grant a permit.  In order to apply for approval of an improvement to your home or property, your

       plans (in triplicate) must be submitted to Architectural trustee.  Your drawings must show all the elevations of your proposed

       construction, how your proposed construction fits on the footprint of your lot together with its distances from your property

       lines. The city establishes specific distances in the zoning codes. This information can then be used to apply for a building



      Permits are also required for new and replacement fences. Chain link fences are specifically prohibited. 

      The fence must be built of wood or have that appearance.  It is also important that you inform your 

      neighbors since they may be affected by your addition or improvement. Storage sheds are discouraged

      unless they are designed to blend in with the appearance and harmony of external design of the home

      and/or fence on the property.  Residents will be required to remove a structure that has not been approved. 

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