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Current Architectural Report


The principal goal of the Architectural Trustee is to ensure that all Longbrooke 

homeowners maintain the value and appearance of the homes and properties 

in our neighborhood.  


Any changes to the appearance of a Longbrooke house such as additions or 

fences must be approved by the Architectural Trustee and the Architectural 

review committee.


            The Architectural trustee is Derek Lester.  He can be contacted by email:



            The Architectural trustee, Derek Lester, is seeking volunteers to serve on the Architectural review committee    

            with himself, Dan White, and Steve Cohen.

            If interested contact Derek by email:


            The Architectural review committee consists of the Architectural Trustee 

            and members.  The current members of the committee are Dan White

            and Steve Cohen.  Each of these members have been residents

            of Longbrooke for more than 20 years. 

All residents of Longbrooke that are planning to change the appearance of their 

house should be aware of the LONGBROOKE HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION 

RECORDED DEED RESTRICTIONS and should have a copy of them.    Section E 

addresses buildings or structures to be placed or erected on any sublot in the 



You must submit your plan to the Architectural Committee and the 

architectural committee must approve your proposal BEFORE you apply for a 

building permit from the City of Berea Building Department.  The city building 

department is aware that the plans must be approved by the committee first 

before they will grant a permit.  In order to apply for approval of an 

improvement to your home or property, your plans (in triplicate) must be 

submitted to Committee Chair, Derek Lester at 601 Perham Drive, Berea, Ohio 44017.  Your 

drawings must show all the elevations of your proposed construction, how your 

proposed construction fits on the footprint of your lot together with its distances 

from your property lines.   The city establishes specific distances in the zoning 

codes. This information can then be used to apply for a building permit. 

Approval of submitted plans will take 7 to 10 business days.


Permits are also required for new and replacement fences. Chain link fences

are specifically prohibited. The fence must be built of wood or have that 

appearance.  It is also important that you inform your neighbors since they may 

be affected by your addition or improvement. Storage sheds are discouraged 

unless they are designed to blend in with the appearance and harmony of 

external design of the home and/or fence on the property.  Residents will be 

required to remove a structure that has not been approved. 

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